Window Treatments Can Save Energy Dollars, Keeping Summer Heat OUT and Cool IN

Yes, the right custom window treatments can really save your energy dollars in summer, helping keep summer heat out and air-conditioned cool in. The same is true in winter, though your properly-chosen and professionally installed window fashions help accomplish the goal of keeping heat IN and cold OUT!

By adding a layer or two of high “R-value” thermal fabrics or other materials created to add thermal protection to any window, your summer cooling and winter heating costs can decrease while your windows take on a beautiful new look that adds comfort, style and value to your home. And we’re not talking about those dark, heavy quilted shades from years ago anymore. I’m a trained expert in ALL window treatments and styles, and have many gorgeous options that help accomplish this task in any and every room! CLICK HERE to learn more about the “R” thermal rating and Energy Saving Window Treatments that work for YOU and your home! Call us for your free at-home consultation, and we’ll get started making your rooms more comfortable and beautiful!