What Will Your Re-upholstery Project Cost?

Wooden chair with fun and funky animal print upholstery Almost everyone wants to know the answer to the cost question – what will my re-upholstery  project cost. In every upholstery business you will have a labor cost, and a material cost, and  possibly a delivery and storage cost.

 Material is a Large Part of Re-Upholstery Project Cost

Material cost is mostly your fabric cost. How much fabric is needed to cover the item that  you want to upholster? You may also need to add some new foam to your item and perhaps  some trim. When evaluating your piece for upholstery, the estimate is based on how many  yards that will be needed to recover your item. Note that additional fabric may be needed if  the fabric that you have selected has a large pattern match, or is a striped pattern. If you send  a photo of your project furniture with some general dimensions we can get you into a close  range for the required yardage. For example, a typical overstuffed chair will use about 5-7  yards of fabric. Don’t forget we can assist you in finding that great fabric to use on your item.  (Visit blog on Great Fabric)

Labor Cost

Labor is the cost of actually upholstering, repairing and transporting your furniture piece(s). After removing the old fabric the Silver upholstered chairstructure of your piece will be examined to determine if you need new foam or stuffing, and repairs. If your piece needs any repairs you will be contacted with a cost for that repair. If needed, transportation of most pieces to and from the Exciting Windows! by Colleen workroom can be arranged. The best way for us to evaluate your item is for you to send a photo, which is so easy to do in the contact section of this website.