My Christmas Story -An Old Rocker Before and After

An Old Rocker Before and After Story.

To be trusted to make an old chair look new or renewed for a special family member, is one of the most special projects that I can imagine being asked to work on. This past-Christmas 2013, I had the chance to make a wish come true. While standing in line for my teenage daughter’s parent-teacher conference, I was asked by an acquaintance if I might be interested in helping to transform a rocking chair for her Mother-In- Law. There had been hints to the family by the Mother-In- Law that she really wanted to have this chair back in her home, as it was a chair that she had rocked her children in as infants. As a mother and a new grandmother, I could relate to this request, and really wanted to help.

This is how the chair looked when it arrived at the workroom:

Photo of family rocking chair before transformation by re-upholstery
Old Rocker – Before

It needed to have the bottom seat re-webbed, and new cushions made. We were able to find fabric that was on hand in the workshop – a fabric that truly enhanced the chair. The needed foam was also on hand, and I was able to use different size foam for the cushions. A back cushion was made with 2” foam, and a bottom contoured cushion with 3” foam. Making the bottom cushion contoured really gave the chair that special look. The final touch was to add a small bit of fabric to the seat base to cover a spot where a skirt had previously been stapled. Dacron and fabric covered that eyesore.

Old rocking chair with new upholstered cushions
Old Rocker – After

The transformation was so dramatic that my client’s husband didn’t believe this was the same chair from his childhood. The final and most important person to weigh-in was the Mother-In-law. She had tears in her eyes when she saw her treasured chair in its restored state.
Christmas 2013 was literally a powerless time for many in my area, but having a part in making a Christmas wish come true warmed my heart. This is why I believe that God has given me my gift of sewing and upholstery.

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