The New Safer Roman Shades

I love Roman Shades.  They are a great way to cover a window.  Fifteen years ago I had eight Roman Shades in my home. They were so simple and easy to make.  But since then, the government has gotten involved in the regulation of cords for the safety of small children, and that has had an impact on my ability to make simple, quick and inexpensive shades.  I stopped making them for a while and waited for my suppliers to come up with a good safe lifting system for  new safer Roman Shades.  It took some time and research, and now I have what I feel is the best system to use with confidence.

New Cordless Lift System

Backside of roman shade showing new, safer, apparatusThe system I recommend doesn’t use any cords to lift the Roman Shade.  The system includes Sure-Shade™ lift band material that is held in place with Sure-Shade™ rib centers supports rings and caps. There is a roller clutch system with a beaded chain that allows the Sure-Shade material to raise and lower the shade. The beaded chain is attached to the wall which completes all safety requirements. The look of the Roman shade from the front is beautiful and functional. It can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame. I am very glad to have this system available to offer my clients.


Some Added Cost

The increased parts that are used for this system does add cost to the project, but worth it for a safe and good-looking new Roman Shade.I am so happy to have a great system that will support the new safety guidelines for my clients.