Drapes – One Big Wall of Windows

This was my final drapery installation for 2015, and it was a whopper – drapes to span an impressive 192 inches. It all began with a call from Judy …” Colleen do you remember when you helped me with drapes in….” I love getting a call from a client from years past, it is such a confirmation for me that the work I did in the past was satisfactory, even memorable. Since I last saw Judy she had remodeled her kitchen and this door wall window opening was the eating in and relaxing part of that kitchen. She knew that she wanted a whole wall of drapes as there was very little actual wall, and mostly windows. She was ready to have the drapes installed as soon as she had placed the call to me.

Drapes on big wall of windows, before shot.


Judy followed me home from the appointment and we selected several fabric books for her to return home and see what fabrics looked good. She selected a Robert Allen fabric small stripe without a pattern repeat. I placed the order for 23 yards of fabric and two 8′ curtain rods that we would splice together to make one large curtain rod, we used 48 curtain C rings for the two pinch pleated drapes.


The one thing that I wanted these drapes to do was move smoothly. Finding that right drapery rod that drapes installation on big wall of windowswould allow the drapery rings to pass through supports is a relatively newer type of curtain rod that are sold only to those in the industry and are not yet available at box retail stores. Getting that rod makes all the difference in the world. The end result was an impressive span of drapes that moves so smoothly.


Having a happy client is always my goal. I did receive a note of thanks from my client Judy just after Christmas telling how much she loves the drapes.