Do you need new window fashions for the holidays?

Did you drop the ball on projects over the summer?

That’s OK … We All Did

It’s the perfect time to evaluate your forgotten To-Do list
and complete some projects before the Holidays.

Check Out our list of TOP 10 Fall projects

Pick your top 3 and knock them out by Thanksgiving 

Smart-Home Tech

Consider that last To-Do item and bring your home up to date. Technology is showing up in everyday items around your home more and more. Here are a few of our favorites.

Smart Shades

Control the light, heat and glare in your home even when you’re away. With automated shadings, schedule scenes for increased home security and energy-efficiency, as well as comfort and wear and tear on your home décor

Smart Speakers

Control schedules for lights, thermostats, shades, power outlets & more with a voice-controlled smart speaker. Sync everyday items to make operation & programming fast & easy. Have fun setting homework/chore announcements for the kids

Smart Thermostat

No more struggling to program your thermostat. This device can learn your schedule & adapt automatically to save money & energy. It shows you how energy is being used in your home & sends cues to save even more

Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs are not your average LED. They wirelessly connect to a phone app , and can be programmed to turn on, off, dim, change color and more.  Consider the home security advantages and convenience of automated scheduling


Guests Staying for the Holidays ?

That’s even more reason to get ahead of your project list and make the spare room a guest oasis. Here are 3 simple fixes to get your house in order:
1. Install a room darkening shade or drapery to help them sleep
2. Refresh tired bed linen and towels for a hotel/spa feeling
3. Add a charging station for their devices

To avoid disappointment, book your in-home appointment in time for
Holiday Deadlines
Most custom window coverings take 4-6 weeks from order to install


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