Children + Shade Cords = Scary Problem

Can we be serious for a moment?

October is Window Covering Safety Month 

When is a window covering considered not safe?

That’s a question which concerns many homeowners.
While there are many items in a home which are considered hazardous, window coverings should not be one of them. 

Please take a moment to watch this short video highlighting the dangers

Click here to Learn More about Child Safe Window Coverings from the Window Coverings Safety Council

Dangerous Traits – What to look for

  1. Cordlock products with loops that dangle in front of the window 
  2. Roman shades with exposed cords on the back of the shade
  3. Unsecured looped cords  especially on vertical treatments 
  4. Damaged or broken cords which dangle 

Tangled or knotted cords which have created a dangerous loop


When cords are accessible to small children, these seemingly harmless products may become strangulation hazards.

Safety First – What you can do

If at all possible, use only cordless window coverings in homes
where infants and young children are present.

Look for products with the following:

  1. Shades and blinds with no cords and simple attached handles to operate
  2. Retractable mechanisms which remain the same length no matter the shade position
  3. Automated/power/remote or voice-controlled shades 
  4. Correctly attached loop cord tensioners
  5. Roman shades with hidden cords or shroud tape
  6. Breakaway cord condensers

We offer all of these safer solutions 
and our expert installers ensure these products are
installed correctly and pose no threat of strangulation

Don’t forget our Furry Friends

Pets are just as curious as children, if not more so!

Many pets fall victim every year to dangling cords

and as they’re often home alone,
have no way of alerting help

How we can help you

As experienced Window Fashions Experts, we consider it our duty to educate everyone on the dangers of corded products and improperly installed window coverings.

We’d love the opportunity to help you eliminate potentially hazardous products from your home and help you select beautiful new window coverings to keep your family and pets safe.

 How you can help others 

New Parents

Do you know anyone with a new baby?
Let friends of new babies know about potential dangers and offer advice on correct crib and furniture placement.
Cribs should never be located near windows and window coverings, exposed cords and  drapery.

Tip:  Babies = expenses
so why not gift a safe shade for the nursery as  a baby shower gift

Troublesome Toddlers

Don’t let cords become toys!
Let’s face it, parents of toddlers are often exhausted! Even with an array of toys, toddlers are curious about and want to play with everything! 
Tip: Help busy parents by checking their home for cord hazards

Certified Safe

Ask us about or look for products carrying this certification. You can be sure you’re installing approved products to keep everyone living in or visiting your home safe

When shades GO BAD!

We’ve all seen it –
Window coverings destroyed
by kids, pets, and renters!
Don’t wait until the Shade Police call you out … you know what to do. 
Answer: Call Us 🙂

… and there’s an upside to upgrading

Considering Selling Your Home?

If you want top dollar for your home then consider what buyers are looking for. 
It’s true, that buyers look for granite countertops and spa-like bathrooms, but many are looking for simple home features which are already done, and safe for children, grandchildren and pets. 

Cordless, Automated and ‘Safe for Kids’ window coverings are on that list for young and growing families buying homes.  

Automated shades are also a favorite for those Aging In Place or living with disabilities, to be able to accomplish tasks themselves with the touch of a button or simply ‘Asking Alexa’.

Help us spread the word

We want to make cord strangulation worries a thing of the past

Please forward this newsletter to someone who needs this information, and together we can make America’s windows safer.

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