Can This Chair Be Saved? Is it Worth Reupholstering?

A question I frequently get asked is: Can this chair or couch be saved? Is it worth reupholstering? These are questions that I will ask you when we discuss your upholstery project because I want your project to have the best possible results:

• What value do you place on your piece of furniture?
• Do you have a sentimental attachment to the piece?
• Are you looking to save money?
• Does the furniture fit perfectly in your room or home?
• What are you willing to invest into your project?
• Are you an individual that likes to reuse items?
• Is this a garage sale piece that you thought would look great and with new fabric would save money?

Upholstered love seat with striped fabricWell, this blog is intended to help you with those answers. First, you most likely will not save money with upholstering a stuffed piece of furniture. In my business you have two costs: labor and materials. The materials are your fabric and perhaps foam. (Please see my blog on “Fabrics” to get my insights on that topic.) Labor is the cost of taking the old fabric off and adding the new fabric, making repairs, adding new foam if needed and most likely Dacron which is soft and fluffy stuff. In my opinion you should investigate what a new piece of furniture would cost before investing in re-upholstering. It will give you an insight to current fabrics and styles, and more importantly, help you budget for your upholstery project.

Re-upholstery is a great option if you have a favorite chair that works great in your room and just needs a little updating. Re-upholstering works great for older pieces that might have been your grandmothers or your husband’s mother. Re-upholstering works best if you want to be creative and have some fun with fabric and perhaps some paint…oh that’s another blog!