Why Choose Blinds and Shades as Window Covering

Why would you want to cover windows with blinds and shades? It is great to look outside windows for a view that connects us to nature.  The sunlight warms us… sometimes too much.  We all love sunny days, however, sunlight can be damaging.  Your soft …

The New Safer Roman Shades

I love Roman Shades.  They are a great way to cover a window.  Fifteen years ago I had eight Roman Shades in my home. They were so simple and easy to make.  But since then, the government has gotten involved in the regulation of cords …

What Will Your Re-upholstery Project Cost?

 Almost everyone wants to know the answer to the cost question – what will my re-upholstery  project cost. In every upholstery business you will have a labor cost, and a material cost, and  possibly a delivery and storage cost.  Material is a Large Part of …

Finding Great Fabrics for Drapes or Upholstery

I love great fabrics, any kind of great fabrics! Unfortunately, fabric shopping in the greater Lansing area has been a challenge since some fine fabric stores have closed; Calico Corners in Okemos and Fabric Gallery in Williamston closed up a few years ago. Since good …

Can This Chair Be Saved? Is it Worth Reupholstering?

A question I frequently get asked is: Can this chair or couch be saved? Is it worth reupholstering? These are questions that I will ask you when we discuss your upholstery project because I want your project to have the best possible results: • What …

My Christmas Story -An Old Rocker Before and After

An Old Rocker Before and After Story. To be trusted to make an old chair look new or renewed for a special family member, is one of the most special projects that I can imagine being asked to work on. This past-Christmas 2013, I had …

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