Guest Lecturing a Pleasant Surprise

I was asked to guest lecture in September for a Textiles Interior Design class at a small university.  It was an out-of-the-box type of endeavor for me. Despite having majored in broadcasting, I don’t enjoy public speaking. My comfort is small groups or one-on-one with clients. However, I welcomed the opportunity.

Speaking about something you love to do, to those that are eager for knowledge, makes you feel really good.  There is also the added benefit of knowing that in a few years they could be the future designers hiring Sew What Sew Anything for their design needs.

The caveat…my talk was to take 1 ½ hours; yikes, that’s a long time.

I spoke to the students about how I create window treatments for my clients, sharing photos with them of different window coverings, drapes, and valance cornices. I also discussed with them why I recommended the window treatment.

We create window treatments, pillows and bedding and make lots of cushions in my workroom (90 cushions in 2016 to be exact).  My talk included how I work with my clients to select fabrics for their projects. After the fabric selection, my workshop creates one-of-kind items for my clients—and schedules the installer. The students seem to respond to the overview of the process.

I was happy to share a practical application to them. I think it’s helpful for them to understand why they’re learning about textiles and how important it will be when they get out into the workforce.

It was a blast!  I loved the discussion we had about the projects. This is a really intelligent group of upcoming designers.