April Showers…☔

Learn what windows are wearing this Spring

April Showers … (and baths) 

That age old problem of which window treatment to choose for the bathroom that can stand humidity, give functional privacy and still look great.
Read on for ideas and inspiration.

Shutters have always been a fan favorite for their durability, ease of cleaning and the ability to handle moisture. Polyvinyl shutters are essential if located inside a shower stall.

Split tilt shutters are perfect for choosing the correct privacy level for your room.

Traditional fabric roman shades are a great choice for spa theme bathrooms
screaming decadence and luxury. They will darken a room so beware with smaller windows.

Flat fold or rolling style roman shades let in more light than their fabric cousin above, and give natural filtered light.

Avoid them if you have privacy issues or pets with claws but they do offer functional elegance.

Sheer shades, including banded shades, work well in bathrooms for their narrow profile, light filtering options and design.

Not forgetting traditional slatted wood or faux wood blinds. Still a great option for bathrooms. Tilt the slats upwards or down depending on the sun position.

Woven Wood roman shades are a huge trend setter for many windows, especially bathrooms for a natural feel bringing the outdoors, indoors. With wide color ranges and opacity levels, they can be cordless and bottom-up-top-down for maximum privacy and light control.

things to consider

All bathrooms are different so we urge you to consider function over aesthetics to ensure you meet your wish list:
Privacy: bottom-up-top-down is a marriage made in heaven for bathrooms. The perfect pairing of light control and privacy.
Light: If you over-darken the room, how will you see in the mirror and let in natural light.
Moisture: Bathrooms need ventilation, so for damp prone rooms consider materials that will repel water, mold or dry quickly.
Lift systems: If you like to soak in the tub with the shade open, consider automated shades and a remote situated near the tub. Hit the close button as you exit the tub to preserve your modesty.
Handles: Always consider window handles and locks, crank out especially as your shades will spend a lot of time at the sill level.
Depth: Many people like to use sills for storage so ensure you have the casing depth for all.
… and of course we guide you through the options, measure and install it all.

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