Alternatives for Vertical Blinds

Here is one of the most common questions asked about window coverings: What are my alternatives for vertical blinds? Many of us have a great big door-wall in our home that opens up to a deck or patio. It may be great for setting up for the summer barbecue, but the big windows are a beast to cover effectively. For want of information on a better alternative many have chosen to use the dreaded vertical blinds. The verticals usually are fabric or plastic 2-4″ wide long pieces that can twist to let light in or out and can close or open. But to be honest they really aren’t that attractive, okay sometimes they are down right ugly! Don’t get me started on the panel attachments breaking, leaving a gap-toothed look for our windows. Uugh!

Better Choices for Big Door-walls

Here’s a solution. Add some great fabric and a pinch pleated drapery. Really! Pinch pleated drapes are not what used to be in your Grandma’s home on a traverse rod! No, these are beautifully hung drapes that add color to the room, plus the drapes shield the sun and block out the heat and cold. Warms your room with fabulous fabric and smart looking drapes. Pick up a home decor magazine Like Architectural Digest, you will see many million dollar homes using pleated drapes. Pinch pleated drapes flanking windows to make them look bigger
Drapes will also make a window look bigger. Door-walls are very large openings so you will need a great curtain rod that that can hold the weight of the long drapery panels and will allow the drapes to move easily on the rod allowing the drapes to stack back neatly out of the way when open. (Ask me about the great supplier I have for strong, reliable curtain rods that can span wide spaces and hold the drapery weight.)

Not a fan of drapes? Another good choice is a woven wooden shade, that will pull closed on a great rod. There are solar panels that can hang above the molding over the door wall. Then there is a vertical honeycomb shade that will stack back to almost nothing. Hunter Douglas offers solar tracks that are thin panels that use solar material to block the sun rays yet allows you to see through, a great idea for more modern homes.

If you want your window covering to provide privacy and still look great; or a style that will work in your home whether it is contemporary, modern or classic traditional, Sew What? Sew Anything will show you options that are right for your home.

Join me in a campaign to make 2014 the year to vanish the verticals!