5 Ways to Cover Hot Skylight Windows

Q: Do you have skylight windows you don’t know how to cover?


Skylight windows can be a great solution to angled ceilings
and add plenty of natural light, but with the sun directly overhead,
they can heat up a room and cause uncomfortable glare.

Privacy is often the first need for our clients, but light and heat control
is a close second. Shades will make the room more livable in extreme heat and
cold, and a skylight is a big culprit in that battle.

Blackout shades can make the difference between a good nights sleep or being woken at dawn. The built-in frame eliminates light bleed.

STYLE TIP ~ Ask us about slumber shades for all your bedroom windows.

The most popular way to cover skylights is with cellular (honeycomb) shades, for these 5 main reasons:
• Lightweight design, easy to open and close fully.
• Small stack at the top or bottom of the window.
• Most energy efficient solution.
• Easy to motorize for ease of use.
• Many color options to match existing shades or complement them.

Measuring for and installing skylight shades is not a easy project for the average homeowner to tackle.

We are Window Professionals and will take away all the stress.

Beat the heat this summer and call us for an consultation.

don’t take our word for it

We helped a client recently take back her living room:

My living room has 2 skylights which would make daytime sitting on a sunny day unbearable and watching TV impossible. My new motorized skylight shades have given me back my living room and were more affordable that I had imagined.
~ Maria B.

when NOT to cover a window

OK, so there are exceptions, and this is one.
Such a unique and unusual window we thought you might enjoy seeing 🙂

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