4 easy ways to bring your home on-trend



Many know about the vibrant yellow and gray Pantone color trend for 2021, but many paint manufacturers have their own predictions for on-trend colors which are featured in paint and décor items. They can translate through to window coverings as an essential part of any room décor. 


We’re spotting Sherwin Williams’ color Urban Bronze (SW7048) popping up in many rooms. A timeless neutral, rich and earthy, it’s perfect for creating cozy, intimate spaces and accent walls.



As trained designers, we advise our clients how to make a statement at the window with beautiful fabrics, and functional and practical window coverings which pull the entire  aesthetic together. 




Don’t be afraid to make a statement with either a bold wall color choice or a bold window covering. Contrast is your friend when designing a room to create the WOW factor. 



Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware is still very popular and has many styles and finial options. They can make a stunning accent to any drapery.  



You may have seen this trend to hang stationary side panels.  

A short rod, manufactured to the width of the fabric panel only, gives an updated look to drapery. 



Spring is in the air.

Many are getting a head start on the

annual task list of home projects. 



If you’re planning a project in 2021,
you might experience one major difference in timeline expectations. 

Contractors, Designers and home improvement suppliers are busier than ever. Be sure to plan early and secure resources, product and labor to be able to enjoy the finished project sooner than later. 



Yes .. It’s that time of year again! The clocks have moved ahead an hour and it’s time to spring clean and banish those winter dust bunnies. 

We’ve all spent a lot more time at home in the past year, so a top-to-bottom clean is a great idea to welcome in spring weather. Don’t forget the outside too!




Winter can make a mess of windows so enlist the help of the family to clean inside and out. Consider using a professional service if you have many hard to reach windows. 




Don’t forget the trim & sills which gather dust. If you’re laundering draperies and cleaning shades, do it while the ladder is out.  

Use the soft vacuum brush to gently remove  dust from  your shades. 




You might not realize it but your plants are probably dying for some love after the dry air/HVAC of winter. Sit your plants in a sink or bathe & spray them with water to remove dust easily. Stand them outside for a real rain water treat. 




With everyone now using their home for multiple functions, like work, school & home, space is at an all time premium. Maximize storage space by sorting unused and unworn items and clothes and consider donating. 





It’s never been easier to connect with us. It’s so easy to meet with you virtually and discuss designs, styles and products. So much can be done without meeting in person. This moves the design process along and then we can get together when the time is right. 

As well as the usual email , texts or calls, we’ll walk you though the technology of FaceTime, Zoom or a similar platform to see each other in real time.  It’s like having us in your home … virtually.

If you’re ready to see us in person, then don’t delay.
Call to book your consultation today.