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Sew What? Sew Anything! is a local woman-owned business. Established in 2004 to serve the Greater Lansing area homeowners, its mission is to craft home décor items such as window treatments, pillows, cushions, and bedding. Additionally, Sew What? Sew Anything! represents many fine fabric suppliers for our clients, as well as hard-to-find or over-sized drapery hardware solutions. For window covering ideas look at our extensive portfolio of window treatments and drapes.

Small upholstery items, footstools, wing back chairs and occasional chairs are preferred on upholstery projects due to workroom space considerations. However, depending on the project, some couches and love seats may be considered.

Blinds and shades are important elements in transforming, setting a mood, or protecting soft goods and home décor from sun damage.

Sew What? Sew Anything! is a team of professionals lead by owner, Colleen Serkaian. In addition to Serkaian as lead project manager, designer and sewer, the team includes a professional carpenter for installation, as well as two independent contract sewers and upholsterers to assist with the day-to-day production. All work is performed in our workroom, managed and supervised by Serkaian. When we come into your home for the install know that our company has a $1M liability insurance policy and our workers are covered by workmen’s compensation.

Meet Colleen Serkaian

Colleen Serkaian“A passion for sewing began for me at 7 or 8 years old. My mom and grandmother, a professional seamstress, taught me to sew. From then on sewing was always a part of my home life. Major milestones in my life included my own sewing projects. I sewed my own prom gowns; I graduated from college wearing a skirt I made between finals and graduation; and my own home life has been the workshop for the latest trends in décor and window treatments.

It is amazing to me that I have over 40 years of sewing experience to offer my clients. Sewing is such a part of my life that to this day when I need to get centered or am looking for a creative solution to any problem; I go to my sewing room to get lost in a creative project.

Over the years my friends have asked me to take on various sewing projects and even if I hadn’t done it before, I always figured it out. Before long I was taking on professional sewing projects in a variety of places and building my skills. When I decided to make my sewing enterprise official, I was struggling for a name for the business. A friend of mine named my business for me because she knew that I could “sew anything.” Even though I no longer do professional garment sewing projects, I decided to keep the name.

It was making decorative pillows that lead me to center my business on sewing for the home or office. It became clear to me that it was a lot easier to dress a window than to dress a person.

A Passion for Fabric

“Besides maintaining the highest standards in craftsmanship, it is the choosing and combining of fabrics that gives me the greatest satisfaction. Helping clients to select the right type of fabric for a particular project and then bringing together patterns and colors to real “rock a room” is so satisfying.

Whether you are dressing a window, selecting shades, completing a design with pillows or spreads, or re-upholstering a beloved piece of furniture, it is so important to use good quality materials that will last. I love meeting with clients or designers to help them decide on the elements of a project. For me customer satisfaction is spelled …total happiness. Being able to tackle and solve tough problems is part of creating that satisfaction. Having a local workroom to serve clients in the mid-Michigan area makes it so much easier to interact with clients and designers and to have a timely and satisfactory process from beginning to completion.”